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Its time to make a claim...what now?

Kerri Day

When you pay for your insurance policy you feel like all you get is a piece of paper and these days that even gets sent electronically. So what exactly are you paying for?

Basically you pay for the peace of mind that if an unfortunate event occurs your policy will pick up the pieces, keep you in business and reduce the stress.

Here are a couple of basic tips to keep in mind in the event you think you might need to make a claim

Who you gonna call?

Call the policy or emergency services if there has been a serious accident or a crime has been committed. You will need to act on their advice to prevent further injury and not disturb the potentially crime scene.

Yoo hoo

Don’t forget about your insurer or broker. We are here to let you know what to do. You are not along and it can be quite comforting to have someone on your side when an incident occurs. Your insurer or broker will then talk you through the procedure and let you know what steps to take next. It is important to report a potential claim as soon as practical to ensure you don’t breech any time limits.

Takes some notes

Keeping a record of the details as soon as possible after the event can save a lot of headaches later on. Write down the relevant information while its fresh in your mind. Things like the date, time, what occurred, who was involved as well as any witness. If there has been a burglary start to note down what is missing. This process can sometimes take a while and it is common to find things missing days after the event you hadn’t noticed earlier.

Take a selfie

Well you may not have to be in the picture but make sure you take some quick snaps of damage caused, anything that has been broken or the location before anything is moved preferably. Make sure you get a shot of any proof of forcible entry before the premises is secured.